Truck Rental to Move Your Rented ATVs

At Vail Extreme Rentals, are main goal to let you experience the Vail, CO backcountry your own way. We don’t want to waste your time with boring tours that are below your experience level. That’s why we offer fully customizable experiences with our rentals.

Whichever ATV you rent from Vail Extreme Rentals, you can move with our 4X4 Chevy Crew Cab Diesel truck. Here’s how it works:

  • Use our Chevy Crew Cab Diesel to haul up to 4 ATVs and 4 people
  • Use it anywhere in the Vail, CO backcountry to get to where you want to explore
  • Prices start at $125 for 8 hours
  • Price depends on the number of miles used

To rent one of our ATVs as well as our Chevy Crew Cab Diesel truck, contact us today to make your reservation!