At Vail Extreme Rentals, we help fuel your sense of adventure. While some love the structured experiences of guided tours, we understand the thrill-seekers who yearn to carve out their own journey. Forget the tedious afternoons waiting for the group to move; with us, you chart your own course.

About Our Rentals & Delivery Services

From snowy adventures atop our high-performance mountain snowmobiles to the wild exhilaration on our dirt bikes, Vail Extreme Rentals offers an extensive range of vehicles to suit your adventure palette. Snow bikes, locally known as timbersleds, cater to experienced dirt bikers offering them a much better experience than snowmobiling. For those looking to explore the rocky terrains, our unguided UTV/ATV  rentals let you discover hidden high-altitude lakes and traverse through the high desert.

But the adventure doesn’t stop at rentals. We’ve extended our commitment to convenience by offering delivery services. Based on your location relative to Vail, Colorado, we provide delivery quotes to bring your chosen vehicle right to your doorstep. And to simplify your journey further, each of our rentals comes equipped with trailers to aid in easy loading and unloading. If you have a preference for using your own truck, or your rental truck, we’ll ensure you have the necessary ramps, tie-downs and hitches. You can even opt to rent one of our trucks if you need!  Most of our summer clients choose to ride right out of our shop, across from the eagle airport.  Saving the time and hassle of loading and unloading.

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Ready to embark on your unguided adventure through Vail? Get in touch with us at Vail Extreme Rentals today! Use the form below or call us at 970-470-2166. You can also visit us at our winter or summer locations:

Summer Location:

210 Spring Creek Rd C2
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